Cnd Schools

CND School is  based in Istanbul, Turkey. We have over 350 students in kindergarten, primary, secondary and high school. 

Our students are not only Turkish, but from over 44 different nationalities.

Our Mission and Vision

“To have each student develop the attributes needed to be a lifelong learner, to achieve personal fulfillment and to contribute to a productive, just, and democratic society.” 

To help children reach their full potential and learn and grow in a lively and creative learning environment

What makes CND SCHOOLS Unique?

  1.  Living learning environment that allows students to self-realize by using their potential in the best way,
  2.  Environment that develops student's self-confidence,
  3.  Allows students and parents to experience a multicultural world in Turkey
  4.  A door to international universities,
  5.  Foreign language programs that are used in teaching and communication around the world,
  6.  Support programs adapted through individual work plans for each student,
  7.  Social development and social responsibility projects
  8.  Low number of student to teacher ratio