Cnd Schools


School Admission Process:

 In accordance with the CND Schools regulation, the following conditions must be met in order to enroll and accept students:

 a) To have knowledge of a foreign language within the standards specified in the foreign language (English) interview conducted by our institution every year, limited to the quota announced at CND Schools. 

b) According to the announcement of the interview results (middle school, high school) or PDR interview results (primary school 2nd, 3rd, 4th grade) of the students who want to enroll in the CND School, registration can be limited to the number of students specified by the institution for the relevant level. In determining the successful ranking, the results of the interview exams taken by the students will be decisive. 

c) According to our school's regulations, the principles to be considered regarding the admission of students at the high school level are as follows: Preparatory class for our high school level, 9. ,10. ,11th. Students are recruited in classes. Our school does not accept 12th-grade student registration. Students who do not get the expected score as a result of the interview interviews for the transition to the high school level are required to read the preparatory class. 

d) For the admissions of kindergarten and primary school 1st grade, an interview is held by our school commission. In line with the report obtained as a result of the interview, the student is placed in the most appropriate class for him/her in line with his/her abilities, intelligence type, temperament type, and academic readiness.

Registration Period: 

Registration Renewal Period:JANUARY-FEBRUARY-MARCH-APRIL 




Registration Documents

Required documents for registration:

 1)    All information on the registration form for both parents and student must be completed. Incomplete forms won’t be accepted.

2)    Copy of both parents and student’s passport & residence permit or TC identity card of the student and parents.

3)    Proof or Residence

a) For Turkish Citizens: Address information documents of student, mother and father(can be downloaded from E Devlet)

b) Foreign Citizens : copy of the rental agreement is required.

4)    If the parents are divorced, the finalized custody court decision copy (just in Turkish or English language is acceptable)

5)    Student's photo (2 copies, must be taken within the last 6 months).

Optional : Photos can be uploaded to:

(qr code must be added )

6)    Equivalency certificate for foreign students. For details, please contact Ms. Aydan Tuzluk at the Admissions Office.

7)    CND Schools contract must be signed.

8)    Health form must be filled. 

*If the students has a special medical condition, doctor’s report is required.

9)    Stoys username password must be obtained from Students’ Affairs Office in order to follow student’s academic status and school announcements.

10)  If the student or parent/s are not able to provide transcript or equivalency certificate as well as residency permit or TC İdentity card at the moment of signing the contract and enrolling at CND Schools, they must do so in the shortest possible time!. Until the required, aforementioned documents have been provided to the school, the student can only be accepted with the status of a guest student. If documents are not brought by the end of the calendar year before ending of the first semester, the students and/or family has no right to receive nor request any official report card or similar school document. Parent/s and/or students must sign a form acknowledging and accepting the before explained.

The form is provided by the Admissions Office at the moment of signing the contract.

11)  Students represented by anyone else but their parents, (legal guardians, legal representatives, advisors, consultants, etc.) must provide a translated and notarized legal authorization from the family giving the right for their child to be represented by a third party, (Power of Attorney) and provide it to school. Without such document, they won’t be allowed to make an appointment or enter the school’s premises nor to act on behalf of the student/s in school related affairs.


*If  your information is updated during the year, it must be notified to Student Affairs, İlgen Aydan by e-mail, [email protected] 


In order to benefit from the sports scholarship, the candidate must be a national athlete in one of the Olympic sports branches or chess and must be an active athlete.
 For the Prep Class; Valid only in the preparatory class, among the students newly enrolled in high school, in addition to the national athletes, 
• Those who were called to the National Team or the Olympic camps, 
• Among the team sportsmen, the teams that placed in the first 4 places in the First League Turkish Clubs Championship or the Turkish Schools Championship Those who have played in individual sports, and those who have ranked in the first three places in the Turkey Championships with wide participation (at least 20 athletes participated) can apply to benefit from this scholarship.
• Only the students registered in our schools who are national athletes can benefit from this scholarship within the framework of the determined budget. 
• In addition, students who continue their education at our school, who played in the top 4 teams in the Turkish Clubs Championship, can also apply to benefit from this scholarship. In order to benefit from the scholarship, apart from the exceptions listed in the Continuation Condition of the Scholarship, students must play in the school team in the relevant sports branch if there is a team at the school. 

For Preparatory Class; 
• Those who study at the State Conservatory as a part-time student or have graduated from the conservatory, or 
• Those who have ranked in the top 3 in competitions organized by the United Nations (such as UNICEF, UNESCO) can apply to benefit from the scholarship. For intermediate classes (existing students); 
• Students enrolled in our schools who meet the criteria for the preparatory class during their education at our high schools can apply to benefit from the scholarship for the semesters following the date they meet these criteria. 
• Students who study part-time in departments of State Conservatories, which are taken with an aptitude test, can be candidates for the scholarship. Course programs opened by these conservatories are out of the scope of the scholarship.

For Preparatory Class; 
• Students who receive gold, silver, or bronze medals during their secondary school education in the National Science Olympiad organized by TUBITAK are allocated to our schools if they register. For intermediate classes (existing students); 
• It is allocated to students who are registered in our schools and who receive gold, silver, or bronze medals in the National Science Olympics or National Project Competition organized by TUBITAK throughout their education life at our school. 


• Sports Scholarship: The scholarship is automatically renewed every academic year, as long as the student continues to play in the National Team and the School Team. If students leave the School Team in the 12th grade or the National Team in the 11th or 12th grade, their scholarships continue for these classes as well. In team sports, students who receive a scholarship thanks to their club degree are required to continue their club acting and to participate in the Turkish Championship held every year. In team sports, the scholarship of students who are called to the National Team camp and not selected for the team is not renewed the following year. 

• Art Scholarship: As long as it contributes to the school activities in accordance with the branches of art, the scholarship of those who receive conservatory education is automatically renewed as long as this education continues. If the student graduates from the conservatory while he is still a student at our high school or graduates when he enrolls in the school, his scholarship is automatically renewed until he graduates from high school. 

• Science Scholarship: The scholarship is renewed every year if the student takes an active part in the relevant club activities and scientific projects to be determined by the school. 


In case the student repeats the grade or commits a disciplinary offense that lowers the grade, the scholarship is canceled. The student cannot re-apply for this scholarship. Except this; 
•Sports Scholarship: The student loses his title as a National Team player, leaves the school team at the request of the student, other than the conditions specified in the Continuation Condition of the Scholarship, or is dismissed from the team following a written warning by the coach or trainer of the team due to one of the reasons for indiscipline or lack of performance by the coach or trainer of the team. the scholarship is terminated. Before the student is removed from the team for these reasons, the coach conveys the matter to the scholarship committee of the school and the CND Schools. 

• Art Scholarship: If the student does not contribute to school activities or terminates his/her studies in the field of art he/she performs, his/her scholarship is terminated. 

• Science Scholarship: If the student does not take part in club activities or school projects specified by the school, the student's scholarship is terminated.


• It is %50 of the annual tuition fee. 
• The same student can benefit from only one of the sports, arts, or science scholarships. 


Since this scholarship is considered a successful scholarship, the scholarship holder also has the opportunity to benefit from the school's current financial support scholarship. The scholarship of the student benefiting from the financial support scholarship is added to the sports, arts, or science scholarship. However, in any case, a student cannot receive more than 100% of the annual tuition fee. 


Within the scope of Sports Scholarship;
• If he is a National Team player, a document that states he is a national athlete, 
• Document that he was invited to the National Team camp 
• Medals, certificate or official document that he was ranked in the Turkish Championships within the scope of Art Scholarship; 
• If graduated, certificate of graduation from the State Conservatory 
• If he is still a student, student certificate from the State Conservatory 
• Certificate/official letter certifying that he has entered the first three degrees in international competitions of the United Nations Within the scope of Science Scholarship; 
• Certificate/official letter certifying that he/she entered the first three degrees in the TÜBİTAK National Science Olympiad or National Project Competition

Our Uniforms

Our students should wear uniforms because of our principles of security and equal opportunity. Our clothing sales are made from the page of our school on the ' Okul Sepeti ' website. Below, you can see the pictures of school uniforms that you can buy from the Okul Sepeti

Service Bus and Transportation

The company we partner with in service bus and transportation is: 


Established in 1983.


Our mission is to be an exemplary company with its advanced fleet, trained personnel and use of technology. To ensure that everyone living in our country, regardless of income level, can get  a quality, comfortable, and safe transportation service by pushing the boundaries of the transportation and school service systems.


To bring customer satisfaction to the top by integrating the firsts of the sector with the innovative and ethical management system; being  a reliable service provider and solution partner with parents and students along with becoming a market leader.


Our fleet consists of Mercedes Sprinter, Volkswagen Crafter, FIAT Ducato, we serve with 562 vehicles of our own and outsourced buses.


Our drivers;

must have Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Public Transport Vehicle Usage Certificate. The conditions for obtaining this Certificate are also audited by our company. 

In summary, the documents requested from our Drivers;

Those who are not below the age of 26 and not above 66 years old,

The Service Vehicle Minibus used must have a min. 7-year license and the buses must have min. 5-year license.

They are hired by conducting a Driver License Information Inquiry (especially for the last two months),

Driver's License Criminal Information Inquiry for the last 5 years via e-government (In the last five (5) years, the driver's license has not been taken away more than once due to deliberate negligence, fatal traffic accidents, alcohol driving and violation of speed rules,)

As of the date of application, the Criminal Record Registration for official institutions not exceeding 6 months (Of the drivers who will carry passenger transportation for commercial purposes; Turkish Criminal Code No. 5237 '81. ''82.' '83. '' 86. '' 87. '' 88 ''94.' '95. ''96.' '102.' '103.' '104.' '105.' '106', '107', '108', '109.', '148. '' '149.' '' 179/3. '' 188. '' 190. '' 191 '' 226 '' 227. '' and 5326 Law No. 352 'of the Misdemeanors should not be convicted of the crimes) ,

Those with a Psychotechnical Report that was taken from the centers authorized by the Provincial Health Directorate,

The health report (from doctors who have specialist title), for infectious diseases and eye health and psychiatry, will be required every year from the centers authorized by the Provincial Health Directorate. (must not be dated over a year).

Our Guide Staff (Hostesses);

Must be minimum a high school graduate,

Every year, a report is requested that indicates he-she is suitable for being a service guide staff taken from family doctor,

Criminal Record Registration from official institutions, not exceeding 6 months as of the date of application to work (The drivers who will carry passenger transportation for commercial purposes, the Turkish Criminal Code No. 5237 '81. ''82.' '83. '' 86. '' 87. '' '88. ''94.' '95. ''96.' '102.' '103.' '104.' '105.' '106', '107', '108', '109.', ' 148. '' '149.' '' 179/3. '' 188. '' 190. '' 191. '' 226. '' 227. '' and 5326 are not convicted of crimes in the article '35.'.),

Our Service Vehicles;

Must not be older than 7 years.

'Arvento' vehicle tracking system is available, so you can receive notifications when the vehicle is approaching your home, and you can follow the course of the vehicle the student is in.

Each year apart from Compulsory Traffic Insurance, Personal Accident Seat Insurance, Covering All Seats is made.

Periodic maintenance is regularly done. Weekly the vehicles are disinfected for any type of virus and bacteria .H1N1, Covid-19 etc

In order for us to not make changes during the school year and for us to be able to respond positively, we try to maintain an 85% occupancy rate in our vehicles. We especially ask for our new enrolled foreign students to not change their addresses so that there are no frequent guidance or driver changes during the year. (16 students in vehicles will start the academic year.) 

Our Price Policy and Registration;

We keep our prices according to our quality of service. Starting in July, you can learn the service fees from the school administration and can pay the total yearly amount in 6 installments by credit card, from our web site

https: //, or from our service bureau at the school campus.

To register; after your student's registration to the school, our school administrators will direct you to our service office on the school campus.

You can also pre-register online by sending an e-mail with the name, surname, address and parent information of the student to [email protected] between 1 June and 15 August.