Cnd Schools

Psychological Counseling & Guidance

CND Schools offers guidance service by specialized counselors for each level of education, from kindergarten and elementary school, to middle and high schools.  The aim of school counseling is to support the progress of students on academic, interpersonal, emotional, and moral aspects with specialized plans according to our students’ needs and developmental level.  We are aware each student is unique, with different personalities, aptitudes and talents; which is why individual meetings take a major part of our counseling programme.  

Our guidance teachers also provide weekly counseling lessons for each class, with a structured plan to improve our students on generalized subjects such as recognizing strengths and values, setting goals, or welcoming diversity.  We are a multicultural school that creates an international environment, where students learn to respect differences, and communicate with peers with a variety of backgrounds and stories.  

By using up-to-date information and successful counseling applications, the psychological guidance department supports the psychosocial development of our students on effective communication skills, problem-solving abilities and true decision-making competence.  They help students in creating self awareness with a positive self-image.  Increasing academic performance by the use of efficient studying techniques is also in the responsibilities of the guidance service.  For young adolescents, we are organizing a career day where our students learn about the reality of different occupational fields, and imagine a suitable and achieved future for themselves.

Counseling service also works hand in hand with parents, teachers and administration for creating the best educational environment and family approach for our students.  Guidance counselors give parent seminars on topics such as positive attention, supervised release, characteristics of generation Z, or the importance of family rules & routines.  Aside from providing a scientific academical schooling, as CND Schools  we make sure our students develop to be confident and social individuals, who are going to be future leaders in their own area of interests.  Our counselors do not only solve conflicts among students, but also coach them to develop interpersonal skills on their journey to become dignified, optimistic and determined adults.


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