Cnd Schools

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As CND Schools, we know how important reading is in the development and education of an individual and we create our education program accordingly. From K to 12, we take all the necessary steps to develop a reading routine for our students and to allow them access to global resources.

Our students in Primary school regularly visit the library at the "reading time" in the weekly education program; in Middle school, they visit the library to add variety to their education in fields such as Turkish and History; and in High school, students can access resources for lessons in literature and world history. On the other hand, our students benefit from thousands of online publications to utilize in their classes and homes for a variety age groups and subject areas, thus making reading a lifestyle.

The books in our library appeal to all age and knowledge levels. Our kindergarten students first start using our library by reading large print and short story picture books. Our primary schools students continue with children's magazines and books that satisfy their curiosity and provide information to arouse their interest and enrich their minds. Every book, magazine, novel and story they read leads them to new books and sources.

In the middle and high school period, our students, who have become conscious readers, read in many life necessitated areas and try to deepen their focus on a field of interest.

Our school, which serves an international group of students, has taken this multi-nationality aspect into account in its library resources. While choosing sources, many different options from the world languages ​​have been selected and our students are allowed to read books in their mother tongues.