Cnd Schools

For Our Parents

We believe that parents are our most important partners in helping our students grow and develop. We believe we are a big family and that is why we not only meet for our students academic developments  but we meet for our parents too. We have created several programs such as different language and business courses and social events to create a better school environment for all of us. 

Once a month we meet at Etiler Akmerkez Cinema Pink with our school directors and parents. Our parents get to watch the most recent films that come to the Movie Theaters. 

We also offer courses for our parents on the weekdays and weekends:

Business English

Beginner English

Turkish as a second Language

Beginner French

Mentor Teacher Program

As CND Schools, we carry out the mentoring system to allow our students to be closely monitored and to support their individual needs. The first aim of our mentor teachers, responsible for 8-10 students, is to foster the value of self- awareness in our students.

Self-awareness helps our students learn to prioritize goals instead of delaying them. Our students, whose entire academic process is observed by the mentor, are guided to increase their academic success, especially by fostering correct study techniques.

During their face-to-face meetings twice a month, students are counseled in many subjects such as school attendance, sense of belonging, friendship relationships, development of responsibility, and continuity of motivation.

Another responsibility of our mentoring system is to make Parent-School communication active and effective. Our families, receiving feedback by phone once a month and face-to-face once every two months, can reach our mentors at any time regarding any topic of our students' school life. Mentor-Parent collaboration is the most important process for a better relationship between school and family.

Parent Teacher Association

The PTA is one of the channels through which we enhance communication and cooperation between the parents and the school to realize the integration between school and family. We cooperate in many areas through our PTA, from its contribution to the organization of courses, exams, seminars, music, theater, sports, arts, excursions, bazaars and similar educational activities planned by the school administration to increasing students' success.

We rely on the warm, friendly participation of PTA, which always cooperates with school management, has meetings with education and training institutions and non-governmental organizations, contributes to working commissions formed to improve education and training, participates in national and international projects and realizes project goals, especially through synthesizing home and school.

The general assembly of the Association consists of members from a variety of professional backgrounds and meets at the end of October every year at the invitation of the union board of directors. In addition to meeting with participating members, the general assembly takes decisions with a majority vote, shares the results with the school administration and initiates actions after jointly preparing a road map. It has been a great pleasure to work hand-in-hand with our PTA.